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Our stamped concrete company is here to assist you in all your business/home improvement needs, ensuring that each customer is well taken care of and is listened to when it comes to their needs on each individual project. With unmatched rates and accommodating staff, we strive to be the business you think about the next time you need any sort of concrete service.

About Us
Frederick Stamped Concrete Company is a concrete servicing company motivated to offering a variety of services and satisfying every client’s needs no matter the task. We’ve been in the industry for the last several years, providing unmatched services to all of our local clients.  Our drive is rooted in not only in the desire to make each customer happy, but also the positive feeling we leave with the client after the work is completed. With our highly trained team and our ability to provide multiple different services, we will be there the next time you need us.

    Our Services

    Frederick Stamped Concrete Company has been striving to serve the local area for a number of years, by providing a wonderful experience for anyone that needs any type of concrete stamping service. Through our effort and dedication, we will complete all services with perfect efficiency. We have built trust and relationships with numerous clients over the years. Without an amazing local team such as this one, Frederick Stamped Concrete Company would not be able to thrive the way that we do without people like you. Please think of us the next time you need any of the below services.

    Stamped Concrete

    When stamping concrete, we find that it’s best understood as the act of embossing a pattern or texture to resemble earthly elements used in the design of a home such as wood, tile brick etc. Our staff finds that is an easy alternative to a full upgrade of a home, which means it’s much more cost-effective. With the several options and design ideas you can create with this stamping service, we find that you’ll have a wonderful time revising your space.

    Stained Concrete

    Concrete styling has various options, and staining is one of them for both indoor and outdoor spaces of a building. The stain permeates the concrete in order to create a natural color with a varied appearance based on the placing of the concrete and the methods used. We find that this is a method best utilized to increase the value of a home and make the appearance of any space richer compared to the before look.

    Polished Concrete

    In order to create the polished look you desire, the concrete is mechanically grounded, honed and finally polished with bonded abrasives in order to get the specified look. This is done to cut the surface and erase anything that might be harboring pre-existing concrete. A hardener is also involved, which will create a chemical reaction to help harden and dust-proof the surface.. This is a multi-step process in order to create a satisfactory look and feel to the space you’re choosing to upgrade.

    Epoxy Floors

    Epoxy flooring is a type of flooring that will be best utilized in commercial or industrial buildings in order to withstand heavy loads and hard daily use with all the materials that will be moved back and forth on the surface. Epoxy flooring is crafted with a mixture of synthetic materials that will help coat the floors, making them durable for the business done in these industrial buildings and will protect the machinery needed for each of these jobs. Epoxy coating happens to be placed over concrete flooring, which instantly creates a durable and protective surface in order to cater to industrial services.

    Painted Concrete

    Add a style element to a material that is mostly known in the industrial world for building. Painting concrete is not only a new element of style you may be able to incorporate at home, but it also offers a protective medium for your flooring. Painting concrete creates a subtle sheen to match the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. It becomes an instant upgrade to the look of a room, and in some cases may even add an increase in value to the home.

    Sealing Concrete

    Sealing concrete occurs when concrete sealers are applied to the top layer of the concrete in order to protect it from surface damage, corrosion or even staining. Our trained staff highly recommends sealing concrete in both the interiors and exteriors of a home or building in order to protect the lifespan and extend the use all may get out of the flooring. Sealing concrete becomes cost-effective as it protects from future home problems while adding an extra sheen, perfect for a simple home upgrade or season refresh.

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    Frederick Stamped Concrete Company continues to serve all clients in town and the surrounding areas to the best of our ability. We want to be the company on your mind the next time you are requesting these special services. From the need of a patio refresh to a quick consultation, we’re here for you. If you’re thinking of utilizing our stamped concrete services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Stamped Concrete of Frederick, we want you to feel secure about the decisions you’re making, and that starts by picking up the phone.
    “I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Frederick Stamped Concrete Company for sealing my driveway a month ago. They were easy to work with and got the job done fast,” – Tom T.
    “We used Frederick Stamped Concrete Company for installing the flooring at our business building. If I ever need any concrete-related projects done again, I know how to call now,” – Kate K.
    “We hired Frederick Stamped Concrete Company to paint over our driveway and patio at home. Now it’s a whole new look! The entire process was easy, simple, and affordable,” – Ben R.

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