Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is best utilized in commercial or industrial buildings in order to withstand heavy loads and hard daily use with all the materials that will be moved back and forth on the surface. The flooring is made from a mixture of synthetic materials which will be utilized for a high performance run for many years to come. Epoxy coating happens to be placed over concrete flooring, which instantly creates a durable and protective surface in order to cater to industrial services.  

The following are the top four benefits of going with our epoxy floor services:

It’s Very Durable
During rigorous use, epoxy floors are made for the utmost strength. Even through their harshest conditions, epoxy floors are known to last anywhere between 7-20 years. It’s resistant to cracks, dents, chemicals and any sort of staining. There are the floors that are built to last even in the toughest of conditions. Epoxy is also fire resistant, which offers the ability to save parts of a business or home from any type of fire because it’s highly resistant to the heat.   

It Saves You Business Time
This type of flooring is normally quickly and easily installed, so that means the business may only be shut down for a brief period of time. Upon the need or request, we will also work with your schedule to ensure that this flooring is installed at a time that is most convenient for your business. The long-lasting element to the floors will save time and prevent any future problems that may arise. The next time you need flooring for a business, be sure to call our team and see if this type may be the one for you and your building of choice.

It Results In Increased Safety
As well as the prevention of fires, these floors are resistant to any slipping no matter the substance on the ground. They are also temperature-resistant even in extreme conditions, which will keep all employees safe during their shift. In the case of anything heavy hitting the ground, the floor will be able to withstand any large impact, which will take away any concern for the floor cracking. No matter the circumstance, this is a flooring method designed to keep all employees and the building safe, which will put your mind at ease.

It Greatly Reduces Vehicle Maintenance
This type of flooring is not as hard on any heavy machinery and the tires. This is because there is no hard traction that the flooring has or any difficult elements that will cause any wear or tear on the tires. The coating itself is resistant to causing any damage to any vehicles, which will help further the business in the long run. There will be fewer business expenses in the future if this type of floor is chosen.