Polished Concrete

This is a multi-step process in order to create a satisfactory look and feel to the space you’re choosing to upgrade. The concrete is mechanically grounded, honed and finally polished with bonded abrasives in order to get the specified look. This is done to cut the surface in order to create the polished look. A hardener is also involved, which will create a chemical reaction to help harden and dust-proof the surface. Although, there are several steps involved in the process, the end results will have you enjoying this new look for years to come.

Here are the top four benefits that you will experience when you opt for our polished concrete services:

It’s Cost Effective
This multi-step process is far less expensive than going other routes in the home-improvement process. For instance, the shine and polish created will have guests mistaking the floors to be another material such as marble, which is far more expensive to place. It’s an easy upgrade compared to other home improvements that could’ve been chosen, and it’s much nicer to the wallet. This is an upgrade to the house that will last for several years, and may not need another upgrade for a long time.

It’s Very Stain Resistant
With all of the ups and downs of common life, don’t make your floors a concern. By having a polished design, the polish will resist against any potential stains like any spills or weathering over time. This is a design that is not only kid friendly but also pet friendly because there is low maintenance needed to keep the overall lasting appearance. Cleaning is also easy as all that needs to be done is the occasional mopping or sweeping.

It Improves The Lighting
Depending on where this treated floor is stationed in the house or building, there is improved lighting, which is perfect for a place that doesn’t absorb light so easily. For instance, if the home has multiple windows filled with natural light, the glow will bounce off the floors, which will create a much brighter environment. If the building happens to have artificial lighting due to no windows and only electricity, then there will still be a greater brightness that other flooring won’t be able to provide. The natural polish creates a bounce of light instantly.

It Results In ld Floor Improvement
If concrete floors are already present in the home, polished concrete is the perfect necessity for reviving them. As concrete ages, the appearance of surface stress, curled joints and delamination could rise. By having the polish process take off the top layer of the concrete, then the refresh to the appearance will instantly erase all of these rising problems. It will strengthen the concrete, which will add more years and life to the initial flooring. It will also make the floor more abrasion resistant in the future.