Painted Concrete

In order to add a style element to a material mostly known in the industrial world in building, painting concrete is not only a new thing you may be able to do to a home, but it also offers a more free way to style a home. Painting concrete offers a layer of protection to floors while also creating a subtle sheen to match the aesthetic. It becomes an instant upgrade to the look of a room, and in some cases may even add an increase in value to the home.

Here are the top four benefits that you will get to experience when you go with our painted concrete services:

You Get Style of Flexibility
One of the best interior design tricks is to make the simplest of changes for some of the bigger impacts. This change in particular allows so much room for creative freedom. With the choice of a simple color or newly designed pattern, we’ll make your visions come to life no matter the level of difficulty. We ensure that this is a method best practiced by our highly trained staff in order to create the satisfaction you desire.  

It Creates Inherent Durability
During rigorous use, paint on concrete is a natural sealant that will last for several years. Even through conditions such as the everyday life or the life of your pets, painted concrete floors are known to last for several years to come. It’s resistant to cracks, dents, any sort of staining and more. This is a floor that’s not only durable but also made to allow for someone’s personal style to show through. Concrete is also fire resistant, which offers the ability to save parts of any commercial business or home from any type of fire due to its ability to withstand heat.

Become Free of Dust
Create a clean environment by inviting the idea of concrete floors in your life. The concrete itself repels the dust, making the area cleaner for you and your family. Painted concrete is also easier to maintain when it comes to cleaning. There is no scrubbing or deep cleaning required, only simply wiping down the surface. Dust is attracted everywhere in a household, so this makes it easier to avoid the inevitable while also having the ability to cut down the time it takes to clean the household.

It Serves As A Protective Layer
Mixing style and durability, these floors are certainly protective in many scenarios in a home. They are also fire and temperature-resistant even in extreme conditions, which will keep your family safe in the event of an emergency. In event of a spill or someone dropping something, all floors will be protected regardless of the styled elements of paint or staining. This is a floor with multi-purpose, perfect if someone is moving into a home with a blooming family or pets of your own.