Stained Concrete

Rather than choose to paint your concrete, staining concrete is a more natural-looking alternative. The stain permeates the concrete in order to create a natural color with a varied appearance based on the placing of the concrete and the methods used. We find that this is a method best utilized for a small, yet impactful look to a space. A newly stained concrete gives off a richer look, which may even increase its home value.

Why would you want to go with our stained concrete services? Here are four main benefits for doing so:

Energy Efficient
Aside from staining the concrete floors and having them look their best, the concrete itself is actually energy efficient. For instance, concrete is actually a natural heater in the winter time. If properly insulated, concrete may absorb the heat of the sunlight during the day and slowly release it in the evening. This will instantly create a natural heater in your home and lower the heating bill all in one installation. By adding the stain, it will then cover the interior design spectrum that allows for you to do more when designing the space.

Fire Resistant
Concrete performs well in the case of a fire. Instead of burning and emitting toxins, concrete actually has the opposite reaction. Concrete has a higher tolerance from fire and will not burn. This is a great aspect of the material, especially after its treatment, because if a fire occurs, it will stay intact. In the case of a fire, the concrete installed on the building will actually help to stop the spread, which is amazing because it becomes a natural home deterrent.

Outdoor Use
This method of concrete staining may also be used in an outdoor setting. This can be done when the stain is proofed for the outdoor weather. Concrete staining will instantly create curb appeal and will make the appearance of the exterior of the home to seem more expensive in comparison to the neighboring homes. To enhance the color of the outside, our staff will be happy to add second and third coats to achieve the natural color you’re looking to achieve in the home’s final appearance. It’s also great for keeping the concrete itself safe during the diverse weather elements.

Unlike hardwood floors, which can be scratched and ruined by your four-legged friends, concrete is pretty near indestructible for them. Stained concrete is meant to last and is welcomed for a family with pets that are also their children. The staining on the concrete is not toxic compared to some stains that may be used on hardwood. There are no scratches that can be found on concrete and the surface is easy to clean. Unlike carpeting, there is no vacuum or deep cleaning needed. Concrete is low-maintenance and only needs to be swept or mopped ever so often.